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About us

Kleiva Fiskefarm AS is a family business run by the Arvesen family from Engenes. We have been farming with salmon as food fish since 1986 and our head office is at Engenes in Ibestad municipality.


Our fish farming operations are based around Ibestad municipality.


Our salmon Arctic Aqua viewing center can be visited at Engenes in Ibestad municipality. Here, we actively promote the Norwegian salmon industry


Together with other local players, we have built up a fully integrated business consisting of smolt, slaughter, service boat company and well boat.

We are Global GAP and USA certified and sell fish to Whole Foods Market in USA. 


We emphasize HSE and through our training program Site training we focus on raising competence, so that we all have the best conditions for producing salmon in a sustainable way.


The Arvesen family has been fishing for generations, run by Arvesen AS with sub-companies.

We are concerned about local value creation and jobs in our local community. We have a strong focus on the environment and sustainability. We work hard to ensure that our descendants will continue to have the same opportunities and conditions as us.

Our philosophy is as follows


We shall not have occupational accidents. We must have a good working environment!

We want to be the best in producing salmon in our region!

Visiting address:

Kleiva Fiskefarm AS, Andørjaveien 1720, 9455 Engenes, Norway

Phone:  +47 770 99 220

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